Our Story

The Berries

Founded in 2012, Blue Sky Farm began as a U-pick operation with 350 blueberry plants in the field. Strategically chosen varieties provide adequate cross-pollination for early, mid, and late season berries. Quiet and serene with a lovely view, a steady following of blueberry lovers developed and grew with hundreds of repeat customers visiting each June and July.

The Blooms

One spring, impatient for the bushes to bloom and begin their job of berry development, a small patch of easy-to-grow flowers was planted as an experiment with the thought being berry pickers might also enjoy them. Well, not only did the blueberry lovers enjoy them, a couple of wholesale customers wanted them too!


The flower idea has since blossomed with the expansion of our flower fields each season since. Now we grow many more easy-to-grow flowers, some not-so-easy, and a select few that are especially challenging. We welcome U-pick customers during June and July and reserve the rest of the calendar for workshops and our wholesale customers.  We do accept U-pick customers throughout the season on an appointment basis.  

Ask For Local Flowers

A little bit of flower research has taught us that, in the past, flower farms based in the U.S. supplied the great majority of the domestic floral industry’s needs. Fast forward to this century and it had fallen to just 12% with countries in South America and across the globe providing the other 88%. More recently, there has been a slight turnaround with domestic flowers filling 20% of the need.

When we see a bouquet of flowers today we wonder about the days and miles the flowers spent traveling, fuel use and cost, worker pay and treatment, flowers specifically bred for ease of packaging and transport, shortened vase lives, the challenges of rehydration, sustainability, and more. No matter where you buy them, we recommend you ask for local flowers.

Guiding Beliefs

  • Be unique, impossible to replicate; be authentic and adopt a spirit of service in all we do.
  • Safeguard the microscopic life that lives here and it will take care of the upstream organisms.
  • Treat the good bugs well and they will naturally take care of the bad bugs.
  • Embody the can-do get-‘er-done spirit of a farmer.  Be a solver and figure it out.
  • Attract a customer base that we call friends and neighbors.
  • Be grateful for every day and value the importance of health & life balance for all.