U-Pick Flowers

Pick-Your-Own flowers!  

Of course you can bring you own flower harvesting tools, but we are standing by to provide you with clippers, a bucket, water, and a floral tablet to ensure every flower stems gets a fresh drink of water when it’s cut.  When your gathering spirit is satisfied, we will send you home with some flower food to keep your flowers blooming longer.  You can bring your own vase, purchase one of ours, or we can wrap them for you. 

We plant and re-plant our flowers all season long.  Doing so provides us with a steady supply of blooms and it allows us to change the color palette to match the season. Some flowers bloom in waves, some will re-bloom after they are cut, and others explode all at once.  Visit our flower field throughout the blooming season April to November. 

Blooms are available by the stem, by the bunch, by the vase, by the bucket, or by the armload.  Prices vary from $.50 to $50.


Seedling Sales

When starting flowers from seed, germination rates will vary so we always over plant by 10-20% hoping to the get the number of plants we have planned on. When we have extras we will make them available to our customers. For us, seed starting is a year-round activity with the flower varieties and colors changing as we move through the growing calendar. In early spring we often have the bright happy colors of pink, blue, and purple; with late summer and fall producing burgundy, deep red, and gold. Check with us about seedling availability. Prices vary.

Garden in a Box

This is our supreme seedling offer. When you pick it up it will contain 30 robust, sustainably-grown cut flower plants to fill your own cutting garden at home. Plants come in a deep cell tray that enables a large and healthy root ball. The mix of plants consists of approximately 95% annual varieties and 5% perennial/biennial varieties. These plants will fit nicely into a 15 square foot garden space. They can also be spread out more or scattered throughout your landscape. Full planting instructions come with the purchase of these plants so you know exactly how to care for these beauties. When cared for properly, these plants produce enough flowers to keep your home filled with bouquets all season.

You will receive 4-6 varieties and the following are some possible plants in the tray. All are “cutting” varieties, meaning they get nice, long stems that are perfect for making bouquets.
  • Agrostemma
  • Amaranth
  • Ammi
  • Bachelor Buttons
  • Celosia
  • Dianthus
  • Gomphrena
  • Larkspur
  • Lisianthus
  • Monarda
  • Rudbekia
  • Scabiosa
  • Snapdragon
  • Stock

Plant assortment varies from year to year based on what thrives as we sow our seeds each spring. Trays of plants may not be all be identical. Plants will be hardened off so you can plant them immediately into your garden. Note: Since we grow these plants for you from seeds or cuttings our own growing results may vary. Blue Sky Farm reserves the right to substitute varieties as needed to fill your tray with the best quality plants.

Plants will be ready for pick up from our farm when the spring weather becomes stable enough for planting straight into your garden - usually sometime in March. You will receive an email with the pick up details and planting instructions a week or two beforehand. Pick up will take place at the farm as we do not ship or deliver Garden in a Box.

Price: $75 when pre-paid by December 31. Regular price $100 (check availability).

Note: No refunds are available once your pre-paid order has been placed. We spend several months growing these babies and put them on reserve once you’ve placed your order. Therefore we can not offer any refunds if you are unable to pick up your plants for any reason.


We provide blooms to local floral retailers on a limited basis. We are a small specialty cut flower farm and work closely with these customers to provide them with the blooms they want for their own unique set of customers. We maintain a separate field of blooms for wholesale purposes and strive to fulfill specific bloom needs whenever possible.

Buy and Sell Local Flowers! If you are a floral retailer we don’t have to tell you about blooms that don’t ship well, supply chain issues, the challenge of rehydrating blooms that have been shipped thousands of miles, or other complications of buying non-local blooms. At the same time, we know you understand the local flower challenges such as seed availability, weather, deer and bug pressure, the regional climate, and more. (Did I mention weather and deer pressure?) We experiment some but do tend to grow what is proven to do well here in zone 8b/9a.

If you are interested in becoming a wholesale customer, please contact us.